Peeling process of corn grits production plant with daily output of 100 tons

Peeling process of corn grits production plant with daily output of 100 tons

Corn is one of the public staple foods in the world. The processed defatted corn flour can be made into corn noodles, corn dumplings, corn buns, etc. It has a chewy texture, fresh fragrance, and original flavor. It is a green food. Nowadays, people eat a variety of foods. Chemicalized and nutritious, whole grains can be eaten carefully. Corn flour is divided into ordinary flour, special flour, etc., so corn is no longer a coarse grain and eaten roughly. The corn grits processing machine has realized the desire to eat coarse grains carefully.

At present, the commonly used techniques for corn grits processing machines include dry method, wet method, semi-dry method, etc. Each peeling process has its own advantages. But overall comparison, most companies now adopt the dry peeling process. This method has higher process efficiency, cleaner peeling, and brighter color.

The traditional semi-dry process uses the peeling equipment in the corn grits processing machine and mixes it with water to peel the corn. Because it is affected by external temperature, humidity, etc., if you are not careful, it will easily cause incomplete removal and the kernels will come out. The rate is low, there are black stars in the finished product, and the quality of the finished product is poor, so the current range of use is relatively small.

As far as the configuration of the corn grits processing machine is concerned, it is equipped with a sand roller peeling machine, a peeling and polishing machine, and a process arrangement of two peelings and one polishing, which can achieve no skin, no black stars, no germs, and a high kernel yield. , bright color and other characteristics, which can provide beneficial quality assurance for subsequent processing procedures. In addition, grain cleaning and peeling processes are very important in all processing procedures, and personnel must fully perform grain cleaning and peeling work.

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