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Working situation of workers

Working situation of workers

Professional production workshop and trained workers ensure that our products are high-quality and service is more efficient.

Here is production process of vibrating cleaning screen.Every process and link we operate accurately to ensure product quality.

TQLZ series vibrating cleaning screen is mainly used for cleaning or grading raw materials in flour, feed, rice milling, chemical industry, food, oil pressing and other industries. By changing the sieves with different apertures, various granular materials such as wheat, corn, rice and oil can be cleaned up.

The machine is simple in structure, small in volume, light in weight, stable in operation, low in noise, low in energy consumption, good in airtightness, and convenient in operation and maintenance. It is an ideal cleaning equipment. If equipped with air separator, it can remove light impurities, and make the machine work under negative pressure, without dust overflow.


Here is production process of cyclone.


Cyclone is a kind of dust collector. Its structure is composed of two inner and outer cylinders, conical cylinder, air inlet and ash outlet. The inner and outer cylinders and ash outlet are located on the same axis.

After the dusty air enters the upper part of the outer cylinder tangentially at a high speed, the inner cylinder, the outer cylinder and the cone make a top-down spiral high-speed rotation. During the rotation, the dust particles are thrown to the inner wall of the outer cylinder under the action of large centrifugal force, collide and rub with the wall, and gradually lose speed. Then, under the action of gravity, they fall along the wall of the cylinder to the cone part, and then they are discharged from the bottom ash outlet. When the air flow approaches the lower end of the cone, the air can not flow out from the bottom due to the installation of closed air device at the outlet, and then begins to reverse and rise, and then discharges through the inner cylinder.

Because there is no mechanical operating parts inside, it is easy to use and maintain, and the separation efficiency for dust particles above 10 microns can reach more than 95%. It is widely used as intermediate purification equipment in grain enterprises.

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