What is a rice mill?

What is a rice mill?


What is a rice mill?

Mechanical equipment

A rice mill is a mechanical equipment mainly used to peel and whiten brown rice to process it into rice. The components of a rice mill include a fixed wrench, a tightening nut wrench, a brush, a lower hopper, a grinding wheel, a wire brush, etc., and the brown rice is processed by the mechanical force generated by the mechanical equipment. The working principle of a rice mill mainly involves the effects of friction and pressure. The rice mill drives the rice milling drum to rotate at high speed through an electric motor, so that the rice or brown rice is kneaded and rubbed in the rice milling chamber, thereby achieving the effect of peeling and whitening. The use of rice mills is not limited to restaurant kitchens, but is also widely used in rural life and the field of agricultural product processing. Rice mills peel and peel rice to make rice or rice and other foods.

Rice mills can be divided into different types according to their working principles and structural characteristics. For example, according to the working principle, rice mills can be divided into rubbing type (pressure type), grinding type (speed type) and mixed type. The rubbing rice milling machine relies on strong friction and rubbing to whiten the brown rice, while the grinding rice milling machine mainly uses grinding to remove the brown rice skin; the mixed rice milling machine combines the friction and grinding to whiten the rice. In addition, it can also be classified according to the installation form of the roller shaft and the different roller materials.

The rice milling machine plays an important role in the fields of agriculture and food processing. It can not only improve the edible quality of rice, but also is an indispensable link in the grain processing industry chain.

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