Grain cleaning process

Grain cleaning process


       Whether it is grain processing or flour processing, grain removal and stone removal will be carried out during processing. So how does the grain cleaning machine equipment realize the process of removing impurities and stone?

   Grain impurities are divided into organic impurities and inorganic impurities according to their components, large impurities and small impurities according to particle size, and light impurities and heavy impurities according to weight. Large impurities and small impurities are usually removed by screening equipment. The principle is to control the sorting by the size of the particles, and the sorting accuracy is high. Simply put, it is to separate materials of different particle sizes through the size of the sieve holes. The material larger than the sieve hole stays on the sieve, and the material smaller than the sieve hole stays under the sieve, so as to separate the materials of different particle sizes

  Light impurities and heavy impurities are usually removed by wind separation equipment. Wind separation is a method of removing impurities by means of wind by using the difference in suspension speed between materials and impurities. The purpose of wind selection is to remove light impurities and dust, while also removing some heavier impurities such as stones and clods.

   For surface dust, straw, and wheat bran, it is definitely necessary to select screening equipment. First, remove large impurities such as straw through screening equipment, and then select wind separation equipment to remove dust and wheat bran.

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