Rice bran separator

Rice bran separator


The grain-rough separator is a screening device used for grain processing, and is a device that has received much attention in our company. Its working characteristic is to separate grains from brown rice. Grains and brown rice are separated through different apertures during the screening process to achieve the purpose of separation. The grain-rough separator is usually composed of a screen, a frame, a motor, a pulley, a belt, etc., and the screen is driven by a motor for screening. During the operation, the grain-rough mixture is placed in the screen. As the screening operation proceeds, the grains will fall into the container below through a smaller aperture, while the brown rice will be blocked by the screen above and finally collected. The grain-rough separator has the characteristics of simple operation, high efficiency, and thorough separation.

Working principle of grain-rough separator

The grain-rough separator is a common grain processing equipment. It can separate the brown rice and bran from the grains,

improving the quality and yield of grain. So what is the working principle of the grain-rough separator? The following will introduce it in detail. The grain-rough separator generally consists of several parts: screen surface, screen bed, transmission system, centrifugal fan, and inlet and outlet pipes. When the grain enters the screen, it is first processed by the dehusker to separate the husk and brown rice. Then, the grain will enter the screen composed of multiple layers of screen plates. The separation effect is very good and is widely used in the field of grain processing.

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