Vibrating screen and roller screen difference

Vibrating screen and roller screen difference


1. When the roller screen runs at the specified speed, the internal material (especially the material ≥10mm) is lifted to a certain height under the combined action of centrifugal force and friction force, and falls off from the screen due to gravity, falling along the parabola. Then it will be lifted again to a certain height, and then along the parabola track down, food cleaning screen, so that more than 10mm of the material along the cylinder screen inclined Angle forward in the process of grinding and friction each other, so as to promote the fall of the surface soil, and under the action of high pressure water is washed clean; The stone larger than 10mm on the plane screen only slides along the installation Angle of the plane screen, and there is no grinding process between materials.

2. If the stone contained in the cleaned medium has sharp edges and irregular structure, it is easy to block the screen in the actual production, resulting in the screen plugging. Roll vibration mildew corn selection screen, the screen of the plane vibrating screen is flat, its motion trajectory is forward throwing and sliding. Other than gravity, the force perpendicular to the screen is small; The roller screen is connected with the outer layer of the roller screen, and its motion trajectory is circular. When clogging occurs, high pressure water can be injected into the top of the cylinder sieve, which can fall out of the sieve due to the flow of water and the weight of the material. Therefore, generally use the plane vibrating screen to screen out the angular round gravel, and the roller screen is used for ore washing.

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