What is the noise problem of rice processing equipment?

What is the noise problem of rice processing equipment?


What is the noise problem of rice processing equipment?

    Rice processing equipment is an important processing equipment used in the food processing and milling industry. Its function is to remove debris such as stones and rice. The removal level will directly affect the quality of rice. Moisture is adjusted according to the requirements of polishing, possibly according to the wheat-based quality of wheat flour. The crushing blade stripping method is done at the mill. A pair of toothed rollers at different rotation speeds face the peeling flakes and crushed wheat endosperm grains, and then continue through several peeling blades for transdermal milling to achieve essentially scraping off. The bran goes into the coarse and fine wheat brushing machine separately, and the brush powder adheres to the bran.

Rice milling machine

    Classification and purification is to put the skin grinding material into the high square planar sieve, divide the endosperm particles into three grades of coarse, medium and fine, and send them to the flour purifier to remove bran crumbs. The pure particles enter the heart milling system to crush and screen different grades of wheat flour one by one; the skinned particles enter the slag milling system to scrape and extract the fine particles, and the bran is sent to the fine bran brushing machine. The core grinding system is mainly to grind the endosperm particles, sieve out the powder, remove the bran, and make it enter the whitewashing machine.

    What is the noise problem of rice processing equipment? At present, the development of agriculture is relatively fast, especially in the grain processing industry, more and more processing equipment has appeared on the market, and the processing equipment has completely mentioned the traditional processing These processing equipment have also brought me a lot of convenience, often when new equipment has certain problems in use. For example, the noise of rice processing equipment is one of the problems. After the processing equipment is used for a period of time, the equipment will produce a series of abnormally harsh noises, which will directly affect the quality and output of millet processing. If the fault of the processing equipment is found, it must be dealt with in time to avoid affecting the production of food, which is also a kind of protection for the processing equipment.

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