600 Tons Per Day Rice Mill Machine
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  • 600 Tons Per Day Rice Mill Machine
  • 600 Tons Per Day Rice Mill Machine
  • 600 Tons Per Day Rice Mill Machine
  • 600 Tons Per Day Rice Mill Machine
  • 600 Tons Per Day Rice Mill Machine

600 Tons Per Day Rice Mill Machine

Brand Golden Grain

Product origin China

Delivery time 3 months

Supply capacity sufficient supply

1. The complete set of rice processing machine 600 tons per day is a large scale of rice milling plant.

2. The paddy processing machine adopts modern, fully automated processing of the latest technology.

3. Rice automated processing equipment, with high efficiency, clean, energy-saving, high rate of return advantages.

600 Tons Per Day Rice Mill Machine

600 Tons Per Day Large scale rice mill plant

Product introduction of rice processing plant

600 Tons per day large scale rice mill plant (paddy machine)use building structure with good quality. The upper and lower floor area covers a wide area and the machines  and there are complete categories of processing equipment.

This rice processing plant(paddy machine) includes: Huge granary, primary grain cleaning sieve, vibrating cleaning sieve, stone removing machine, grain hulling machine, grain separator, emery roller peeling machine, iron roller peeling machine, color sorter, polishing machine, rice grading sieve, pulse dust removal Loader, automatic packer, etc.

Large scale rice mill plant

All the packing links are automatically packed by machines, and the whole process is clean and pollution-free.

It can pack 25kg/bag, 50kg/bag, 100kg/bag etc.

rice processing plant

paddy machine

Product parameters of large scale rice mill plant(paddy machine)

Large scale rice mill plant

rice processing plant

Product features and application of rice processing plant

  1. The rice processing plant has advanced equipment, high processing capacity, good machine quality, low labor costs, high output rate.

  2. The rice is carefully selected by a polishing machine and a color sorter, with less broken rice, good color and good taste.

  3. Precise craftsmanship of paddy machine ensures that every link is perfect.

  4. Rice processing plant with an advanced pulse dust collector to avoid air pollution and ensure the integration and comfort of the processing environment.

Packing&Delivery of large scale rice mill plant

  • Packaging Details

    1. We will pack all paddy machine with the plastic film.

    2.Fix the paddy  machine on the container for the safety of long-time transportation of goods.

    3.Some special unit of paddy machine will be putted into the box to avoid any damage or missing.

    4.Small parts  of paddy machinewill be putted into the bags, boxes or make special packaging.

    5. According to customer requirements, each product is labeled with name and quantity.

  • Port:Dalian,China.

    paddy machine

Our cooperation with foreign clients

Large scale rice mill plant

Company information

Liaoning Golden Grain Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd(Formerly known as Zhengshuanghuan General Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd)was established on August 30,1992 in Shenyang, China.

Our company has nearly 30 years professional experience in manufacturing Grain Machinery,the main products includes :Large scale rice mill plant ,Paddy machine,Maize Milling Machine,Rice Milling Machine,Wheat Flour Milling Machine,Sorghum Milling Machine,Millet Milling Machine and Oil Refining Machine.

Factory covers an area of 20000 square meters, 6000squrare meters office building area,owns high quality standard heavy industrial production workshops.Employees includes medium and senior professional management personnel, engineering technical personnel and professional foreign trade team sales staff.

We design padyy machine according to customers’ specific requirements with carefully installation and technical training. Products have been exported to many countries such as:Russia,North Korea. Viet Nam, Nigeria, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.  We are willing continue to expand our business around the world.

rice processing plantpaddy machineLarge scale rice mill plant

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