Cold And Hot Dual Purpose Screw Oil Press
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  • Cold And Hot Dual Purpose Screw Oil Press
  • Cold And Hot Dual Purpose Screw Oil Press
  • Cold And Hot Dual Purpose Screw Oil Press
  • Cold And Hot Dual Purpose Screw Oil Press
  • Cold And Hot Dual Purpose Screw Oil Press

Cold And Hot Dual Purpose Screw Oil Press

Brand Golden Grain

Product origin China

Delivery time 7 Working Days

Supply capacity 100sets/month

1.The screw press produced by our company makes use of its own R & D and technical advantages, adopts multi-stage pressing technology, optimizes the pressing efficiency, and comprehensively promotes the integrated press.

2.Cold and hot dual purpose screw oil press has advantages of time saving and labor saving, convenient operation, high quality of squeezed oil, deeply trusted and recognized by the majority of users.

Cold And Hot Dual Purpose Screw Oil Press

Cold and Hot Dual Purpose Screw Oil Press

Product introduction

When the screw press is running, the treated oil enters the press chamber from the hopper. The material embryo is pushed in continuously by the screw to press. Because the embryo is in motion in the chamber of the oil press, under the condition of high pressure in the chamber, there is a great friction resistance between the embryo and the screw, and between the embryo and the chamber, which can cause friction between the embryo and the micro material, resulting in relative motion. 

On the other hand, because the root diameter of the screw press is gradually increased and the pitch is gradually reduced, when the screw press rotates, the hard material embryo of the screw press can be pushed forward and turned outward. At the same time, the material layer near the surface of the screw press also rotates with the screw press shaft. In this way, each embryo particle in the pressing chamber does not move in the same direction at the same speed, but there is relative motion between the particles. 

Screw oil press machine

The heat generated by friction meets the necessary heat for the operation of the oil press, which helps to promote the thermal denaturation of the protein in the material embryo, destroy the colloid, increase the plasticity, and reduce the viscosity. Some oil is easy to be separated out, so the oil yield of the oil press is improved, and the oil in the material is pressed out by oil pressure, and flows out from the circular and strip gaps.

Product parameters


Production conditions


Treatment volume



Staff 1 peopleworkshop 20m2-30m3





Staff 1 -2peopleworkshop 30m2-50m3





Staff 2 peopleworkshop 40m2-50m3





Staff2-3 peopleworkshop 40m2-60m3






Staff2-3 peopleworkshop 60m2-80m3




Product features and application

Energy saving:40% reduction of electric power for the same output. Based on the average saving of 6 kwh per hour, the daily production can save 30 yuan of electricity.

Labor saving:60% labor can be saved with the same output. Production can be organized by one to two people, and the labor cost can be saved about 40 yuan per day.It can be used for more than 20 kinds of oil crops, such as peanut, sesame, rapeseed, soybean, oil sunflower, flax, etc. Multi stage press, once press clean.

Oil purity:vacuum filtration residue, to ensure the purity of oil, in line with the health and quarantine standards.

Small area: the oil workshop only needs 10-20 square meters to meet the production needs.

pressing screw of screw oil expeller

screw oil press

Screw oil press machine

Oil production rate of various crops

pressing screw of screw oil expeller

screw oil press


  • Packaging Details

  1. We will pack all single machine with the plastic film.

  2.Fix the machine on the container for the safety of long-time transportation of goods.

  3.Some special unit will be putted into the box to avoid any damage or missing.

  4.Small parts will be putted into the bags, boxes or make special packaging.

  5. According to customer requirements, each product is labeled with name and quantity.

  • Port:Dalian,China

Screw oil press machine

Our cooperation with foreign clients

pressing screw of screw oil expeller

If you have any questions, welcome to contact us!

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Company information

Liaoning Golden Grain Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd(Formerly known as Zhengshuanghuan General Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd)was established on August 30,1992 in Shenyang, China.

Our company has nearly 30 years professional experience in manufacturing Grain Machinery,the main products includes :Maize Milling Machine,Rice Milling Machine,Wheat Flour Milling Machine,Sorghum Milling Machine,Millet Milling Machine and Oil Refining Machine.

Factory covers an area of 20000 square meters, 6000squrare meters office building area,owns high quality standard heavy industrial production workshops.Employees includes medium and senior professional management personnel, engineering technical personnel and professional foreign trade team sales staff.

We design products according to customers’ specific requirements with carefully installation and technical training. Products have been exported to many countries such as:Russia,North Korea. Viet Nam, Nigeria, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.  We are willing continue to expand our business around the world.

Screw oil press machine

pressing screw of screw oil expeller

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