Wheat Bran Finishers
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  • Wheat Bran Finishers
  • Wheat Bran Finishers
  • Wheat Bran Finishers
  • Wheat Bran Finishers
  • Wheat Bran Finishers
  • Wheat Bran Finishers

Wheat Bran Finishers

Brand Golden Grain

Product origin China

Delivery time 3-7 Working Days

Supply capacity 100set/month

1.Horizontal bran beater adopts a new type of vibration device and precision adjusting device.

2.Horizontal bran beater can more thoroughly separate and extract the powder containing particles in wheat bran, significantly improve the powder yield and increase the benefit.

3. Horizontal bran beater is a new type of equipment which is used in the reconstruction and construction of flour mill.

Wheat Bran Finishers

Wheat Bran Finishers

Product introduction

Wheat Bran Finishers is used in flour mill to reduce the load of bran mill, improve the flour yield and reduce the flour content of bran. The powder particles adhered to the bran were separated to reduce the flour content of bran, reduce the load of skin grinding, and improve the grinding efficiency and flour yield. It is suitable for flour mill and grain processing plant.

Machine appearance treatment: all frames are treated with acid pickling, phosphating and rust prevention. Spray antirust primer and finish with anti fading baking paint. Good surface gloss, firm, not easy to fade, paint off, strong scratch resistance.

Bran Finisher

Product Parameters


























flour mill bran finisher

Product feature and application

1.Advanced design and excellent fabricating.

2.Dynamically balanced rotor ensures smooth running.

3.The rotor’s beaters are adjustable.

4.Different screen perforated openings for different requirements.

5.Cleaning the bran and get commercially usable flour.

6.Individual drive with lower power requirement.


1.Widely applied in modern flour mills to increase the extraction of flour and help mill.

2.Two machine size for different capacity. Three installation types are available: left-hand, right-hand, twin.

horizontal spiral bran finisher


  • Packaging Details

      1. We will pack all single machine with the plastic film.

      2.Fix the machine on the container for the safety of long-time transportation of goods.

      3.Some special unit will be putted into the box to avoid any damage or missing.

      4.Small parts will be putted into the bags, boxes or make special packaging.

      5. According to customer requirements, each product is labeled with name and quantity.

  • Port:Dalian,China

Bran Finisher

Our cooperation with foreign clients.

flour mill bran finisher

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horizontal spiral bran finisher

Company information

Liaoning Golden Grain Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd(Formerly known as Zhengshuanghuan General Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd)was established on August 30,1992 in Shenyang, China.

Our company has nearly 30 years professional experience in manufacturing Grain Machinery,the main products includes :Maize Milling Machine,Rice Milling Machine,Wheat Flour Milling Machine,Sorghum Milling Machine,Millet Milling Machine and Oil Refining Machine.

Factory covers an area of 20000 square meters, 6000squrare meters office building area,owns high quality standard heavy industrial production workshops.

Employees includes medium and senior professional management personnel, engineering technical personnel and professional foreign trade team sales staff.

We design products according to customers’ specific requirements with carefully installation and technical training. Products have been exported to many countries such as:Russia,North Korea. Viet Nam, Nigeria, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.  We are willing continue to expand our business around the world.

Bran Finisher

flour mill bran finisher

horizontal spiral bran finisher

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