Wheat Washer Machine
  • Wheat Washer Machine
  • Wheat Washer Machine
  • Wheat Washer Machine
  • Wheat Washer Machine
  • Wheat Washer Machine

Wheat Washer Machine

Brand Golden Grain

Product origin China

Delivery time 3-7 Working Days

Supply capacity 100set/month

1.Wheat Washing Machine adopts wet method to clean wheat.

2.Wheat Washing Machine is applicable for flour milling machine to remove stones and sands in the wheat cleaning process.

3.In the process, the wheat washing machine can remove the dust on the surface and in the the ventral groove of the wheat, as well as pesticide, microbes, ovums and pollutes.

4. The wheat washing machine can increse the moisture of the wheat and change the physical property and grinding procedure in conjunction with wheat tempering.

Wheat Washer Machine

Wheat Washer Machine

Product introduction

Wheat washing machine is one of the main equipments for selecting wheat in grain processing. This equipment uses water washing method to clean the sand stone in wheat and the dirt in wheat grain, which has good performance for removing impurities in wheat. After washing, the wheat enters the dryer to dry. This equipment is suitable for small and medium flour mills.

Wheat Seed Washing Machine

Working principle

1. The stone removing wheat washing machine is mainly composed of feeding device, washing tank, dryer, transmission mechanism and water supply system. The feeding device comprises a feeding pipe and a feeding box. The lower part of the feeding pipe is made into a ball and installed on the feeding box. The feeding box plays the role of buffering, deceleration and diversion, and can move on the washing tank to adjust the length of the washing process; The washing tank body is welded with steel plate, and the washing tank is mainly used for separating stones and washing wheat; The dryer is composed of an organic base, a screen surface cylinder, a swing plate impeller, a top cover, a column and a metal shell.

The water supply system consists of water pump, water valve, sandblasting pipe, sand collecting bucket, spray pipe and other components. It is mainly used to keep the water in the washing tank clean, remove the light impurities on the water surface, discharge the sewage, supplement the purified water, and wash the sieve plate cylinder of the dryer.

2. The raw material wheat first enters into the washing tank. When it is washed, the stones in the raw material settle down and are sent to the feed end of the washing tank in the reverse direction. With the water flow in the clean water pipe, they are sent into the sand filter box through the sand blasting pipe, and the clean water flows into the washing tank. After the wheat is washed in the washing tank, it is sent to the dryer. After the surplus water is thrown away, it is discharged from the upper part of the dryer. The wheat is subject to friction in the dryer, and the surface is further cleaned.

3. After entering the washing tank, the clean water enters the dryer with the wheat flow, and flows into the return water tank parallel to the washing tank from the other side. The sewage in the upper layer is discharged with mud, sand, wheat bran and other impurities, and the water in the lower layer is returned to the washing tank for recycling. The sewage discharged after wheat washing can only be discharged after purification.

4. The feed box can move along the washing tank. The closer it is to the dryer, the shorter the washing time, the worse the washing effect, and the lower the moisture on the wheat.

wheat cleaning equipment

Product parameters

Dryer directionanti-clockwiseanti-clockwiseanti-clockwiseanti-clockwiseanti-clockwise
Spindle speed (r/min)720750600550470
Specification of drying tablets ( mm)300400500600800
Diameter of wheat Strangler ( mm)140140145150160
Speed of wheat gallows (r/min)195230175170189
Equipped with power90S-4
(1. 1kw)
Y908- 6
(1. 1kw)
( 4kw)
(5. 5kw)
(1. 5kw)
(2. 2kw)

Overall dimension 

(L x W x H)mm

1560X 480X 13401880X 790 X7102400X 900X7102800X 1100X 18503050X 1200X 2040
Overall weight (kg)26050090013002100

Product feature and application

  • Sturdy Construction :The water tank is manufactured by high-quality and corrosion-resistant marine steel plates.

  • Convenient Maintenance: For this wheat washer, the upper and lower bearing seats are designed with oil filling ports to facilitate lubrication operations for the bearing, so the maintenance is vey simple.

  • Reasonable Design : With the help of an auto-washing device, the work site will be very clean, and the moisture addition level is extremely stable.

  • Low Noise: The rotor receives dynamic balance test to improve its working precision and reduce the noise level.

  • Low Maintenance Cost: The machine door, sieve plate, angle iron and corresponding fastening components are all made from stainless steel. So, the service cycle is extended by 3-5 times, thus greatly reducing the maintenance cost of this wheat washer.

wheat washing and drying machine


  • Packaging Details

  1. We will pack all single machine with the plastic film.

  2.Fix the machine on the container for the safety of long-time transportation of goods.

  3.Some special unit will be putted into the box to avoid any damage or missing.

  4.Small parts will be putted into the bags, boxes or make special packaging.

  5. According to customer requirements, each product is labeled with name and quantity.

  • Port:Dalian,China

Wheat Seed Washing Machine

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wheat cleaning equipment

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wheat washing and drying machine

Company information

Liaoning Golden Grain Grain and Oil Machinery Co., Ltd(Formerly known as Zhengshuanghuan General Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd)was established on August 30,1992 in Shenyang, China.

Our company has nearly 30 years professional experience in manufacturing Grain Machinery,the main products includes :Maize Milling Machine,Rice Milling Machine,Wheat Flour Milling Machine,Sorghum Milling Machine,Millet Milling Machine and Oil Refining Machine.

Factory covers an area of 20000 square meters, 6000squrare meters office building area,owns high quality standard heavy industrial production workshops.Employees includes medium and senior professional management personnel, engineering technical personnel and professional foreign trade team sales staff.

We design products according to customers’ specific requirements with carefully installation and technical training. Products have been exported to many countries such as:Russia,North Korea. Viet Nam, Nigeria, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.  We are willing continue to expand our business around the world.

Wheat Seed Washing Machine

wheat cleaning equipment

wheat washing and drying machine

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